F Collective / Emilia Palaveeva


I am a marketing consultant, who works at the intersection of innovation, design and technology. I help select clients develop ideas into relevant, impactful stories that build awareness, brand loyalty and community.


Ideas: Innovation marketing

You are part of an innovation team, or tasked with the innovation strategy of your organization. You have ideas. But how do you align your ideas to the priorities of your internal stakeholders? How do you communicate the potential of your vision externally? Through trend, competitive and business opportunity analysis I help clients crystallize their thinking into a timely, differentiated and actionable point of view.


stories: Communications and Public relations

I work with organizations to develop a comprehensive communications strategy that lays out the value proposition of your product, service, company. Using the insights and perspectives of your executives and subject matter experts, your product road map and your customer testimonials, I flesh out compelling stories that can be shared with your customers and partners on the web, via social channels and through thoughtful media relations campaigns.


Community: Content and Events

Creating customer loyalty starts with the quality of your product or service. But maintaining it and strengthening it depends on thoughtful engagement throughout the customer journey. I help my clients develop meaningful content and organize events that build community, online and offline.


Current and Recent Projects